Potential Customers

Industrial environments such as factories (South32), shipping companies, Spoornet, motor vehicle workshops and motor bike workshops to name but a few. Other potential customers include:

  1. Cycling / MTB workshops - our product is non-corrosive, a definite characteristic for this market. Sunlight liquid is the biggest competitor in this market as a matter of interest.
  2. Farmers / Agricultural markets / Forestry.
  3. Juice factories / Fruit pack houses / Sugar cane processing factories.
  4. Restaurants / Deli's / Snack Shacks / Hotels / Lodges / Guesthouses.
  5. Spa's - oily towels and linen can be washed with Ecologic 3D.
  6. Gymnasiums - powerful disinfectant and degreasing cleaning combination, perfect where people train.
  7. Supermarkets such as Spar - Spar does not get dictated by Head Office as to which cleaning product they may use on their floors.
  8. Domestic market - this is by far the biggest of them all, but it takes time, perseverance and consistency.
  9. Animal cages / enclosures / pet shops / horse stables / crocodile farms.
  10. Butcheries / Abbattoirs / Industrial food processing environments.
  11. Canteens for large companies i.e. Toyota.
  12. Schools - Ecologic 3D is very economic product that schools can use in their toilets & canteen alike, floors, classrooms, and gymnasiums.
  13. Transport & Plant equipment companies - in Tete, Mozambique we successfully sold our product agains Engen's degreaser to EQSTRA Benga Mine & Plant Hire.